Plan Config(PC232)

What are Tariff name, Plan Code, Validity, Monetary Balance, Bucket Information, Activation Rule, Rollover, data throttle and Features?

  • Tariff name: Tariff name is the carrier code name which would help in recognizing that carrier code. For e.g.: 5GBLTE
  • Plan Code: Plan is the numeric number which will reflect in the sprint wholesale against the carrier code.
  • Validity: Duration until which the plan will remain active
  • Monetary Balance: Balance to be added in the customer’s wallet
  • Bucket Information: Text, Voice and Data quota are defined under bucket Information
  • Activation Rule: There are 2 types of activation rules, Hotline/Active. Which means whether the subscriber needs to dial 611(hotline) to activate their plan or it will be automatically activated during the time of account activation
  • Rollover: It means if the leftover plan benefits can be continued in the next month.
  • Data throttle: It is the intentional slowing of an internet service. It is a reactive measure employed in communication networks to regulate network traffic.
  • Features: Wifi calling, Caller ID, Video calling etc are some of the types of features that can be added.