User Settings(PC480)

How to define under which all user groups a new user can be created by a user in a certain group.

  • Please ensure that you have Allow Group Permissions Config Turned ON.
  • After that go to Settings from the top-right corner on your Telgoo5 scree.
  • Then from the Settings menu select User Settings (PC480)


  • On the User Settings (PC480) page click on the first tab which is Manage Groups and then click on Check Existing Groups button.

  • You will be directed to the page where you can see all the existing user groups. On the right side you will see an option Assign Group click on it.


  • A pop-up will be presented as soon as you click on Assign Group button. This pop-up will have the names of all the user groups which are Active in Telgoo5.  You can also see few or all groups selected, which means that the group for which you clicked on Assign Group option has access to assign all these groups during user creation or user update.
  • In order to remove the group access to the users in that particular user group for which you clicked on Assign Group button just deselect the user groups for which you don’t want to give the access during user creation or update and save.