Plan Config(PC232)

What are Plan Name, Plan Description, Plan Category and Plan State?

  1. Plan Name: Plan name is the standard name of the plan which will be visible to the customers at the time of plan purchase. For e.g.: Standard 5GB LTE
  2. Plan Description: Plan description is the complete description about the plan. For e.g.: 5GB data with unlimited voice and text.
  3. Plan Category: There are two Plan categories that can be chosen. A. Lifeline and B. Prepaid/Postpaid.Lifeline:

Lifeline category is chosen for lifeline plans. Lifeline is a free government assisted program.               Prepaid/Postpaid: Prepaid/Postpaid is chosen in case of non-lifeline plans.

4. Plan State: Plan state defines the states on which this plan will be activated/applied.