How do I add and activate Inventory?

To Add and activate inventory go to Add Units.

Lets look at the field definitions which you might come across during the inventory uploads.

Field Definitions
SIM/ESN Equipment Serial Number; uniquely identifies equipment and is embedded electronically by the manufacturer. SIM: Subscriber Identity Module; a ”smart” card installed or inserted into a mobile device containing all subscriber-related data. This facilitates a phone call from any valid mobile device since the subscriber data is used to complete the call rather than the telephone internal serial number. The SIM number is 15 digits. Motorola phones only have 14 digits so add the number 0 at the end.
Device ID A device ID (device identification) is a distinctive number associated with a smartphone or similar handheld device. Device IDs are separate from hardware serial numbers.
Agent Type This will be the level of the agen to which you want to assign the inventory i.e Master, Distributor, Retailer or employee
Carrier This is the carrier for which you are adding the inventory
Model Model Name and ID assigned by Maker of the Phone devices. For an e.g. Apple IPHONE has various version of their phone such as IPHONE 4, 5s etc.. These Model Name are added to Vcare Inventory system which generates Unique Model ID for each of them which can be used here for identification & tracking purpose.
Wholesale Price It is a price which cost to company to purchase the Phone device from Vendor
Selling Price Selling price is the retail price tag of each Phone device/Model/SIM card.
Activation Fee A one-time fee a company charges upon the provision of a new ESN/SIM. The activation fee is intended to compensate the company for the expenses associated with setting up the account with carrier.
MSL/PUK An MSL is a 6-digit code unique to your CDMA device that’s necessary to access some of your handset’s deeper functions, such as wiping a phone number or manually programming in a new one
PO# Purchase Order # are Internal Order # generated by Warehouse for their Sale & Purchase tracking.
Box#  Its Unique number given to Bundle of Sim/ESN/Device by Warehouse person for their identifier & tracking purpose
PUK2 A PUK2 is a code used to protect specific actions, e.g. changing the PUK code. If you enter the PIN2 incorrectly too many times the phone will apply a further lock. To unlock will need a PUK2 code
Plan ID This is the plan id on which you want to activate your inventory
ZipCode This is the zip code on which the inventory be activated
UICCID A SIM card contains its unique serial number (ICCID). ICCIDs are stored in the SIM cards and are also printed on the SIM card during a personalization process. A full ICCID is 19 or 20 characters.
SKU A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a product and service identification code for a store or product, often portrayed as a machine-readable bar code that helps track the item for inventory.


Add Unit option allows you to add units to your inventory. You have several options to add units to the inventory.

  1. You can add a single unit
  2. You can do a bulk upload
  3. You can load pre-activated units
  4. You can load and activate the units in inventory itself before sending out for sale
  5. You can load the units and send them for sale without activating them and they shall activate on fly upon enrolmentWhile adding the unit you are required to select:Unit type: This can be SIM, CDMA device, GSM Device.After you have selected unit type you are required to choose provision type

    Provision type: This can be:

    • Add stock: This option will just add the stock and will do nothing
    • Add pre-activated : This allows you to load pre-activated inventory and assign to the user
    • Add and activate: This option allows you to add the inventory activate it and assign to the agent
    • Add and assign non-activated: This option allows you to add the inventory and assign to the agents without activating it. Inventory will be activated on fly at the time of enrollment.

Add and activate single line

In order to add and activate a single line you are required to have a SIM/ESN. Enter the SIM/ESN in the box which says ESN/SIM

You also need to know the carrier on which the SIM/ESN is registered on, select that carrier from the drop down, select the agent type for which you want to assign the inventory select a plan id on which you want to activate the SIM/ESN, enter the Vendor and Model of the phone if available. M, T ratings, cost price selling price UICCID and notes are non-mandatory fields

Enter the zip code for the area in which you want the device to be activated and hit submit. As soon as you hit submit the request is sent to provision and you will get an MDN in return and the device will be assigned automatically to the agent you selected.

Add and activate bulk lines

To add and activate lines in bulk you are required to load the below mentioned details on a csv  files:

ESN/SIM, Model, MSL/PUK,PO#, M Rating, T Rating, Grade, Notes, Wholesale Price, Selling Price, UICCID, Zip code, ESN/SIM Type

Once you have added the files its send for activation automatically and upon activation it gets assigned to the agent