How can I change the status of the ESN or SIM?

Go to Change ESN/SIM status. This option is used to change the status of the ESN/SIM. Few points to consider before updating the ESN/SIM status are:

  • ESN/SIM status will be changed to USED for Active Subscriber only.
  • ESN must exist in the system (you can not reassign ESN,change ESN status, which have never been uploaded).
  • ESN: ESN field is mandatory Field.
  • Agent ID: when you enter agent ID system will assign/re-assign ESN/SIM to that agent ID.
  • Status: ESN/SIM status will be changed. For example: Free, Removed, Used or Bad.
  • System will process both agent id or status when value is enter in both the field or you can leave one field blank.

The action to change the ESN/SIM status can be performed either by uploading the CSV file or by just pasting the ESN in the given box.


OR you can upload a .csv file as well.