Point of sale(POS)

Where can I find the POS reports?

Manage Reports (PC583) section provides different kind of reports related to the POS functionalities such as:

  1. Closing Stock (PC585)
  2. Closing Stock Transactions (PC585)
  3. Non Serialized Product Tracking (PC586)
  4. Serialized Product Tracking (ESN/SIM, Device Id) (PC587)
  5. Beta Serialized Product Tracking (ESN/SIM, Device Id) (PC587)
  6. Register Open Close (PC588), Register Status (PC589)
  7. Register Transactions (PC590), Transaction (PC591)
  8. Item Wise Opening Stock (PC592)
  9. Item Wise Purchase (PC593)
  10. Item Wise Purchase Return (PC593)
  11. Item Wise Sale (PC594)
  12. Item Wise Sale Return (PC595)
  13. Accounts Receivable Aging (PC596)
  14. Accounts Payable Aging (PC597)
  15. Recharge History (PC682)
  16. API XML Log (PC681).