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What is Query HLR?

The Home Location Register (HLR) is the main database of permanent subscriber information for a mobile network. The HLR is an integral component of CDMA (code division multiple access), TDMA (time division multiple access), and GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) networks.

Query HLR features sends the HLR query to the carrier and returns the HLR status.

MS status definition in HLR


MS status is Mobile Subscriber Status (what the phone is doing on the T-Mobile Network). Possible responses for MS status are as follows and are applicable only for T-Mobile.

  • BUSY: The mobile Subscriber is engaged on a transaction for a mobile originating or terminated call. (On the phone)
  • IDLE: (Not on the phone, but network sees phone)
  • PURGED: (Phone turned off for extended period of time, as it was registering to the network. This occurs post the DETACHED status. This occurs 24 hrs. from the time the user equipment detaches from the network to the time it is purged.) Additional information: the device has not responded to the network nor has any attempt TO the unit been made. In the purged status referenced in the Query HLR, that means the device just hasn’t responded in a period of time so the last documented data/location has been removed.
  • DETACHED: The Detach procedure informs the network that the Mobile Station is switched off or is unreachable. (Off the network. Phone is off, battery dead, check SIM seating or out of coverage.) Any request for terminating calls to a subscriber in this state will go to voicemail.
  • NOT_REGISTERED: This term could either mean that the subscriber has never registered or is currently not registered. Regardless, the mobile subscriber has not done a location update (registered) in the network anywhere. At the time of the query the mobile subscriber is not registered. (Network does not see phone – phone shutoff for example.)
  • RESTRICTED AREA: Mobile is in a restricted area. (The subscriber tried to do a location update in an area, where he/she had poor coverage/was not allowed to roam.)
  • INACTIVE: Deactivated SIM in case if you receive MS status as PURGED, DETACHED or NOT_REGISTERED. Click on Cancel device in Telgoo5 and advice subscriber to reboot the phone. This will force phone to update the location for better reception.