Point of sale(POS)


New Sale (PC205) section allows agent to make a retail transection. To make a successful transection, agent must have an open register. If a register is not opened, it will display open register screen after clicking on New Sale (PC205) at dashboard.



If we open a register, then it will display a screen to sell product and services. Enter the name of product or SKU or UPC. Then click on check out button.



After clicking on check out button in above screen, screen will be redirected into payment screen. Here we can choose Customer Wallet, Dealer Wallet, Cash and Credit Card. We can go with partial payment with every mode according to the requirement. Then click on Proceed button.



After clicking on proceed button, screen will be moved into invoice screen, where we can access and print invoice.



Print invoice are available into 3 different sizes, agent can choose pint invoice according the requirement.