Customer Service

How to change the account status?

In order to update account status, click on the current account status which will redirect you to the page from where you shall be able to change the current account status.

Select the new status from the drop down and then select the reason why you are changing the status, you can also define if the change has to be electronic or non-electronic.

Account status definitions:

Dispatched: This is the status for the new accounts. The account remains in the dispatched status if they are awaiting the activation. The account status changes from dispatched to active after the activation call is initiated. When the account is in dispatched status it is also hotlined at carrier level.

Active: Active is active which means the account is good.

Suspend: If the account status is in suspended that means the MDN is suspended to use, which means the calls and data have been restricted to use and all the calls will be routed to customer service.

Restore: This option is used to turn the account Active if it is in suspend status.

Reconnect: This option is used to reconnect an inactive account.